Yan Xiaolong and his sister Yan Xiaoyun (严小龙, 严小云兄妹俩)

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A campaign by 王美清
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Yan Xiaolong and his sister Yan Xiaoyun (严小龙, 严小云兄妹俩)
Xiaolong Yan and Xiaoyun Yan, the fourteen-year-old and thirteen-year-old brother and sister, with their mom out of home forever and their dad gone in an aloft work, have been living with their their aging grandparents whose life means mainly comes from the government's basis living allowance (about $50 per month). Life to them is beyond difficult. Therefore in order to help the sister and brother back to school and live a normal life, we call for assistance to the whole public. May you reach out a hand and help them! Any your help is highly appreciated!


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