Teams and Finances (机构团体和平台账目)


501(c) (3) Designation 机构正式文件

OUR TEAM “四海一家”(OneworldGiving)团体

Board of Advisors / “四海一家”(OneworldGiving)理事会

Jian Feng, Professor, University at Buffalo; Advisory Director, Chinese Club of Western New York / 布法罗大学终身教授;布法罗华人协会理事会主席

Qiongyao Zhang, Professor, Robert Morris University / Robert Morris大学教授

Rutao Yao, Professor, University at Buffalo / 布法罗大学终身教授

Executive Team / “四海一家”(OneworldGiving)管理团体

Yingru Liu (Co-founder,平台创建人), Principal Scientist, TherapyX Inc Buffalo; Research Associate Professor, University at Buffalo / 布法罗生物公司TherapyX研究员;布法罗大学科研副教授

Leslie Ying (Co-founder,平台创建人), Professor, University at Buffalo / 布法罗大学教授

Volunteer Team / “四海一家”(OneworldGiving)义工团体

Yingzi Chen (Director,负责人), Manufacturing Technology & Research Engineer, DuPont Yerkes Plant / 布法罗Dupont Yerkes Plant工程师


FY2021 Financial Statements: will be available early 2022

FY2021 Tax Return: will be available early 2022

Salary for OneworldGiving personnel involved in management and operation of the organization so far: $0

Total financial balance for the OneworldGiving platform as of today after the founders themselves donated $2000 in December 2020: negative $116

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