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  • 姚如涛 October 25, 2021
    Dear Friends,
    While Michelle is heading to her mayoral election victory, the checks we mailed to her office has been declined because the funds come from a pool of people, which is forbidden according to campaign finance rules. 
    We (Jian Feng, Yingru Liu, and me) have decided to refund your donations and ask you to make a donation individually using this link We also suggest you donate an amount of $80.20 or $8.02 or multiples of these numbers to increase the clout of 80-20 ( 
    Please send me your PayPal or Zelle or Venmo account information ASAP. If you donated $100, your refund will be $103.5 which includes the platform expenses incurred.  
    Sorry for the inconvenience this has created. We are learning the rules of the political system. Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

  • 姚如涛 September 24, 2021
    Three checks in the total amount of $2300 and a cover letter explaining our campaign are in the mail heading to Wu's office. 

  • 姚如涛 September 23, 2021
    I contacted Michelle Wu's campaign office. They only accept online (actblue, which takes credit card only and incurs transaction fees from the fund being transferred) and mail-in check donations, the donation limit person is $1000. 

    Given this information, we decide to close our campaign on We will mail the $2200 collected so far in 3 checks by 3 persons ($1000, $900, and $300, 支票左下方会注有“Buffalo Chinese Group Donation“) to Michelle Wu's campaign office today. Photos of mailed checks and later the receipts we receive will be uploaded to the campaign page.

    Thank you! I am very proud of our community. 

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