Williamsville AYLUS Fundraising for FeedMore WNY (AYLUS募捐支持布法罗FeedMore)

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Successfully funded on April 17, 2021
Williamsville AYLUS Fundraising for FeedMore WNY (AYLUS募捐支持布法罗FeedMore)
FeedMore WNY’s Food Bank (FB) and Meals on Wheels (MOW) programs have a combined 90 years of feeding the Western New York (WMY) community. In 2020, MOW provided approximately 1.4 million meals to our homebound neighbors. FB distributed more than 17 million pounds of nutritious fresh and shelf-stable foods to many hunger-relief agencies throughout WNY.

FeedMore WNY是布法罗地区最主要的帮助饥饿人群的组织。他们有90多年的历史。AYLUS Williamsville的志愿者长期为FeedMore WNY做义工活动。您的善款将以AYLUS Williamsville 的名义捐赠给FeedMore of WNY用来帮助当地这些老弱病残的人们。感谢您的捐助!

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