Cai Sisi and her younger sister and brother (蔡思思和她的弟弟,妹妹)

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A campaign by 王美清
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Cai Sisi and her younger sister and brother (蔡思思和她的弟弟,妹妹)

My name is Sisi Cai, 15 years old. I live in Qingshui Town of Shangrao County, Jiangxi Province, China. Currently I study in Grade 8, Qingshui Middle School. I got a combined 178 scores for language and math in the Junior High School Entrance Examination, which made me entitled to be admitted into Sixth Shangrao County Middle School. However, my family cannot afford it, and I can only attend the current rural area school. My nine-year-old younger sister, and my seven-year-old brother, both are excellent students in Shuangxi Primary School. My family has been in hard conditions all the time, living on my father’s very limited income as a migrant worker. My father lost one of his eyes during an accident. Very sadly, my mother left this family and left us years ago and never come back possibly because she could not stand the poor family life any more. Even worse, my father was diagnosed with uremia three years ago and passed away in November 2016 without necessary treatments. We become orphans now, living on about $50 per month welfare from government and limited help from relatives. Life is really tough for us. It seems that our current family condition may stop us from studying further, although we do want to continue our education and cherish our happy life at school. We hope to get help from kind-hearted people here so that we can continue our life and realize our dream. Hereby we wish you all the best and extend our sincere appreciation to you!


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