Zhang Mengqi and her younger sister Zhang Luyu (张梦琪和张陆雨姐妹俩)

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A campaign by 王美清
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Zhang Mengqi and her younger sister Zhang Luyu (张梦琪和张陆雨姐妹俩)

Zhang Mengqi, at the age of ten, is a girl from rather a poor family. She and her younger sister Zhang Luyu who is eight-years-old are two lovely and pretty girls. Since the time they came to the world, they have been struggling on the edge of poverty line. Compared with other children of the same age, they are obviously much smaller and thinner due to a long time lack of necessary nutrition. They usually wear the abandoned clothes from other children in the neighborhood. In their mind, it is the happiest moment to put on their school uniforms since they are new, and are same as what other students wear in the school. In their poverty-stricken family, there are four persons all together. Their mother suffers a mental disorder and cannot do too much for them. Even worse, their father was diagnosed with a chronic disease several years ago. Therefore, he cannot do any heavy labor work to support the family either. As a result, the whole family mainly live on the quite limited welfare from the government (only about $50 per month). It is always a question whether they can live on, let alone keeping studying in the school. Although life is extremely hard for them, the two sisters are still living in a positive way bravely, and always try their best to learn every subject as well as possible. Both of them are always top students in their own classes. In order to help them continue to study at school and, if possible, enjoy the equal opportunity to grow up with a light heart, we hope more and more kind people are willing to join us to give a hand to them through the charity platform “OneworldGiving”. Now, on behalf of Zhang Mengqi and Zhang Luyu, we would like to say a thousand thanks to all the warm-hearted people from all over the world. Only when we care them can they be well educated, thank you very much!


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