Xu Yuqi and her younger sisters Xu Yumeng and Xu Yuhan (徐钰琦,徐雨萌,徐雨晗三姐妹)

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A campaign by 王美清
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Xu Yuqi and her younger sisters Xu Yumeng and Xu Yuhan (徐钰琦,徐雨萌,徐雨晗三姐妹)
Xu Yuqi, Xu Yumeng and Xu Yuhan, who are sisters, nine-, seven-, and five-year-old, respectively. Their father passed away in a work accident several years ago. From then they live with their elderly grandmother and their mother. The mother, who also has a health problem and is the only supporter of the family of five people, makes a desperately hard living by working as a migrant worker. We hope warm-hearted people like you can help these three sisters, give them a hand and warmth. We hope they can get $1000 donation every year, which will help them to maintain a basic living, enable them to study and grow up at school as other children. We appreciate your love donation and wish you all the best!


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