Xu Jiajun and his sister Xu Jiaochan (徐嘉俊,徐娇婵兄妹俩)

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Xu Jiajun and his sister Xu Jiaochan (徐嘉俊,徐娇婵兄妹俩)
Xu Jiajun, 11-year-old, and his younger sister Xu Jiaochan, 10-year-old, live in a small village in the countryside of south China. They had a happy family before. They are excellent students, and do very well in school. Their teachers and classmates like them very much. Unfortunately things get very tough for them when tragedy hit their family about one year ago. Their father fell ill with liver cancer on May 2016. Although their family spent all the money they have for treatment, their father passed away after a few months, leaving them in debt and hardship. Now they live a very hard life with their old grandma who does not have any welfare. Their mother has to go far away from their home village to look for whatever jobs to make a living for the family. For the children's basic life, education and future, we hope they can get some help from all kind people here through American charity platform “OneworldGiving”. Please help these two kids to continue their normal life and their study in school. Any amount of your help will be highly appreciated! Best regards to all the kind people!

徐嘉俊,徐娇婵兄妹俩,本来有一个幸福的家庭,无忧无虑的在学校读书,成绩优秀,但是好日子不长,今年五月份他们父亲到医院检查得了肝癌经过几个月的奔波治疗无效短短几个月的时间就离开了人间,兄妹俩只能和年老沒有生活保障的奶奶一起生活,妈妈为了赚钱还债和养这个家远离他乡打工,家里生活非常艰苦。 为了孩子的将来,为了孩子们能过上更有尊严的生活,通过美国《四海一家》这个平台,希望社会上有爱心的人,伸出爱的双手帮助这俩个孩子能安心地在学校读书,万分感谢!并祝好人一路平安! 

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