Violins for Underprivileged Kids

A campaign by Skyline High School Music Outreach Club

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A campaign by Skyline High School Music Outreach Club
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Violins for Underprivileged Kids
Our high school music outreach program aims to establish free after-school music programs at Utah's Title One elementary schools to teach underprivileged kids violin. Over 90% of these students are from low-income families or homeless shelters. They have never had the opportunity to touch a violin. Your valuable contributions will allow us to buy about 10 violins of different sizes, along with bows, strings, sponges, and rosin (sizes 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 -- the precise number of each size will depend on the kids' arm length and preferences) that we can give to them for free to practice on. Some of these kids will have to share violins if we do not have sufficient funds to get them their own instruments. Your kind support will change these underprivileged kids' lives by showing them the beauty of classical music and rewarding experiences that learning violin can bring.

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