Fourteen-year-old Xu Yuanjie (十四岁的徐元杰)

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A campaign by 王美清
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Fourteen-year-old Xu Yuanjie (十四岁的徐元杰)

Xu Yuanjie, 14, is hard-working and thoughtful student. Every day after school just finishes, he hurries home to help grandparents with their farm work. When he was only three years old, his father died in an accident as a migrant worker. Things got worse when his mother got remarried elsewhere, never caring about him, leaving him to live with his elderly grandparents without living security. All these situations make him lead an extremely hard life almost from very beginning when he knew this world. It becomes more and more difficult for his family to support his study in school. We hope, through the charity platform “OneworldGiving”, the child can luckily get help from warm-hearted people in society, and can continue his education. We hope he can get a donation of $400 every year until he finishes his high school and even college study. We thank you very much for your help!


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